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Tropical Abalone*

Species Availability:   No stock
Resides : Rocks and glass
Consumes : Turf AlgaeFilm Algae, Diatoms, Hair Algae, and some species of Cyanobacteria
Max Size : 3.5" or 90mm
Origin : Indo Pacific
Availability: Irregular
Warnings : This species should be handled carefully because its living tissue is exposed.


The Tropical Abalone (Haliotis asinina) is a nocturnal species that will consume a great deal of algae. Abalone are snails, but do not have the anatomy of most snails. Most notably, Abalone cannot retract into a shell behind an operculum. Abalone have a partial shell on their back, and  exposed mantles, which is the frilly living tissue around the shell's perimeter.  This species is able to form a strong attachment to rock work, and should not be moved if it is clamped down on a hard surface as it may cause injury to the animal. Abalone are able to reproduce in captivity due to a short planktonic stage that is approximately 3 days long. This species is often collected for its iridescent interior shell and food. 

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