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Diverse Crew (70 Gallon)

Species Availability:   297

Shipped for free via Priority Mail you will get:

4 Trochus Snails -Eats Diatoms, cyano, film and hair algae and detritus on the rocks and glass in your tank.

1 Emerald Crab - Mithrax crabs have dull claws that allow them to scrape algae from your liverock, and are good at removing bubble algae, hair algae, Dictyota, some species of Caulerpa, and other complex macroalgae.

25 Florida Ceriths - Florida Cerith snails range in size from an inch to 2''. These snails will consume diatoms, detritus, cyano, film and hair algae. They reside in the substrate especially, but will also clean the rocks and glass of your aquarium.

13 Nassarius vibex - Excellent scavenger and sand stirrer. These snails will come out whenever they smell food, or when you are feeding the fish. These snails do not eat algae; they eat detritus and leftover fish food.

6 Astraea Snails - These snails will consume film and hair algae on the glass and rocks in your aquarium.

56 Dwarf Ceriths - These smaller Cerith snails range in size from a half and inch to almost 1'', but are slender. Their tiny size allows them to reach the nooks and crannies other cleaners can't reach which is necessary for permanent removal of algae sources. These snails will consume diatoms, cyano, film algae, detritus, and hair algae in the substrate as well as on rocks and to some extent the glass in your aquarium.

6 Nerites - Hardy nocturnal algae eaters that consume Diatoms, Cyano, Algae and Detritus on the rocks and glass in your tank.

7 Assorted Hermits - This mix of assorted reef safe hermit crabs are good at removing hair algae and detritus, and fair at removing some kinds of cyanobacteria and film algae from your tank. They will spend their time on the rocks and on the substrate of your aquarium, with a preference for the rocks.

2 Turbo Snails - The Turbo Snail grows to about the size of a golf ball. It is great at cleaning algae, especially hair algae from larger tanks.


If you would like free empty hermit shells with your order, just let us know in the comments section during checkout, by leaving the message "I will take the free empty hermit shells" and we will be happy to include them.

We only offer free shells with a purchase of our quick crews with hermits.

Choose the Free Priority Mail Quick Crew shipping option at checkout. You can add any items to this order WITHOUT a star* next to their name and they would ship for free as well. For example, the Rock Boring Urchin* cannot be shipped with Priority Mail.

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