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We need temperature lows above 20 degrees and highs above 30 degrees to ship safely. 


Pom Pom Crab

Species Availability:   No stock
Resides : Rocks, and substrate
Consumes : Fish food
Max Size : 1" or 25mm
Origin : East Africa
Availability: Weekly
Warnings : This species is small.

The Pom Pom Crab (Lybia edmondsoni) is a small and attractive crab that has armed itself with anemones, which it uses to punch would be predators in the face. This crab comes to us from East Africa and grows to about a 1/2" wide carapace, and 1 inch wide from leg tip to leg tip.

Pom Pom Crabs do not ship as well to cold climates. We believe it is because the anemones are not cold hardy, and that they can expire and reduce the water quality in the bag. We will check the weather and may have to contact you if it is too cold for them to make the trip to your location. We believe locations over 40 degrees should be OK, when heat packs are added. 

We recommend more than 3 Pom Pom Crabs be sent with UPS. Pom Pom Crabs should not be ordered just by themselves with Priority Mail. Light boxes will get tumbled with that service.

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