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Zebra Hermit Crab

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The Zebra Hermit Crab (Calcinus seurati) is a small hermit that consumes hair algae, film algae, detritus and cyanobacteria. They will spend their time on the rocks and on the substrate of your aquarium, with a preference for the rocks.They are safe to add to most macroalgae planted tanks, but will consume some fleshy algae like scroll algae, halymenia, and ulva.

Zebra hermits are slightly smaller than most hermits in the hobby, like the Blue Leg Hermit crab you may be familiar with. While they are considered reef safe, they may attack snails for their shells, having extra empty hermit shells available for them can reduce this behavior. You can have a cleanup crew that will get the job done without hermits, but most people enjoy their comical antics as they scurry about the tank.

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