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Zebra Crab*

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The Zebra Crab (Zebrida adamsii) is a tiny crab from the Indo Pacific, that lives between the spines of urchins. They do not need the urchins to live, but will be less stressed with their company. They form a semi-parasitic relationship with the urchins, sometimes eating their regenerable tube feet, but they are unlikely to kill the urchin. Most of the time they live commensally with the urchin, neither helping or harming the urchin. They will eat sinking prepared foods suitable for fish, but are unlikely to venture from the urchin they are riding to catch the meal and should be target fed. This species is kept for curiosity reasons, and macro photography. This species grows to less than an inch wide, and their carapace grows to 1/3rd of an inch. 

Of the urchins commonly kept in aquariums, this species will live on adult Pincushion, Collector/Halloween Urchins, and Long Spine Urchins. 

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