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Turbograzer Snail *

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The Turbograzer Snail grows larger than a golf ball - and can be a bulldozer. It is great at cleaning algae, especially hair algae from larger tanks.

    The Turbograzer Snail (Astrea tuber) can get large, exceeding 2 inches in diameter. It is great at cleaning algae, and especially hair algae from larger tanks. It also consumes caulerpa, dictyota, and most red turf algae species, making it a very useful cleaner for certain applications. 

    It is a hardy snail that can be easily kept in tanks with normal water parameters, with nitrate levels lower than 40ppm. Caution should be taken with these snails if you have unstable rock work, as they spend much of their time cleaning rocks, and can sometimes move loose rocks. They have a reputation for being bulldozers.

       The Turbograzer Snais we will send you be about the same diameter as a fifty cent piece. They eat a good amount of hair algae, and if there is insufficient food in your tank they should be fed edible fliamentous macro algae. You should only keep these snails if you have a tank that is 30 gallons or larger to give them enough room to move around. Ask for these snails when inquiring about a custom cleaner crew package and we will get you what you need to keep your tank clean, while minimizing the need to feed the snails, who unfortunately have a narrow diet and are prone to starvation. For certain circumstances, they are very useful though because they mow hair algae when they get going, and tackle many algae species our other cleaners wouldn't eat.

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