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Titanophora encrustans*

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  Titanophora encrustans is a gorgeous red macro algae that is usually cream colored, although it may take on a patchy red color.

    A very large macro, it can reach a height of 12 inches, and can grow just as wide. Because its leaves branch out in all directions and it can sprawl over a tank, it should be trimmed from time to time. Trimming will also keep the macro from slumping over.

    This plant will be eaten by herbivorus fish, and because of its filtering capability, it should be in your display refugium/sump if you have tangs. This macro does well with 2 -4 watts per gallon, it should be kept shaded from direct bright lighting. Moderate circulation will make this macro very attractive as it sways in the current. 

    Halymenia must be treated with care because it is very delicate and can break when handled. It should be attached to a shell or liverock and then placed carefully into your tank.

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