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Spotted Sea Hare*

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The Spotted Sea Hare, can grow to about five inches long and is pretty big at adulthood. Mows hair algae and finer macro algae.

The Spotted Sea Hare requires special care and is not suited for most tanks. It falls victim to the stings of anemones, it can be sucked into intakes, it has a short lifespan, it is prone to acclimation issues, if tanks aren't properly topped off salinity changes can effect them, they disperse ink when attacked so run carbon, etc...Sea hares in general require care similar to that of seahorses, with regular feedings of filamentous algae to do well. Larger spotted sea hares can be fed ulva, gracilaria, codium, dictyota etc...They are not macro algae tank safe. If your goal is to get a sea hare that will eat the most of the more complex nuisance algae listed in our guide, this is the guy you want.

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