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Rough Box Crab (Not Reef Safe)*

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A very small crab whose oddly shaped claws and thick carapace give this crab the shape of well, a box. This species is not reef safe and should be kept in a special tank or refugium.

The rough box crab is a small non-reef safe crab that uses its claws to camouflage itself from predators. Unlike other members of the genus who distribute intricate patterns, the rough box crab has mottled coloring and a rough texture making him virtually invisible around the rock rubble and oyster shell common to the ocean floor. They should be fed small meals, 1 - 2 mysis shrimp, 2-3 times a week.You should find them fairly hardy, regular water changes will accommodate for trace elements they use to form their exoskeleton. This species is not reef safe and should be kept in a special tank or refugium, it will grow to 3-4" wide total. When larger they may prey on sessile invertebrates, snails, other crabs and weakened fish. The specimen we will send will be a juvenile, about the diameter of a quarter. They grow rapidly, reaching adult size within a year. 

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