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Ragged Sea Hare*

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The Ragged Sea Hare get its name from the leaf like appendages that grow to help camouflage it from predators. It is a striking invert and it does a number on algae, especially "short fuzzy red algae" like Lyngbya spp., but also many others.

However,they require special care and are not suited for most tanks. It falls victim to the stings of anemones, it can be sucked into intakes, it has a short lifespan, it is prone to acclimation issues, if tanks aren't properly topped off salinity changes can effect them, they disperse ink when attacked so run carbon, etc...Sea hares in general require care similar to that of seahorses when it comes to tank setup, except they need regular feedings of filamentous algae to do well. They are not macro algae tank safe, but Ragged Sea Hares don't go after complex macro algae like Codium or Gracilaria as much as our other sea hares. 

If your goal is to get a interesting sea hare as a pet that will help with the cleaning as well, these guys may be a good choice for you, but please do the homework. 

Ask a question about these guys if you have one. Should only be kept by experienced aquarists.

This species requires UPS Next Day Air or Express Mail and does not qualify for free shipping.

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