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Pleated Sea Squirt*

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The Pleated Sea Squirt is one of the few tunicates that are easy to keep in captivity. They filter food from the water column using a siphon, and attach naturally to rock work. On arrival, place the cluster of tunicates into a rock crevice, and within a week or so they should form an attachment to the rock. While they may not be the most attractive animals, it is fun to watch them open and close as they siphon the water column for food. They can be kept alive by turkey baster blasting your rock work, that is, taking a turkey baster underwater and using the ejection force to stir up debris on your rock work. They will consume the food particles that are stirred up. 

We will ship a cluster of 3-4 with each order, you should have an established aquarium that is at least 55 gallons to keep them happy.


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