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Pink Galaxy*

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    Pink Galaxy (Galaxaura rugosa) is a semi-rigid dome shaped macroalgae that is just incredible looking. Growing to between 3 and 4 inches in diameter it can be attached to any surface in your tank. It is easily kept, requiring little light to survive. With brighter lighting it will take on a reddish color, in 1-2 watts per gallon it will retain its pink color. If you have brighter lighting you might be able to keep it under slight shade to keep its pink color. However, even as it turns a pale red it will look striking.  It does not have any specific circulation needs, grows at a moderate pace, and should be kept in your display tank rather that just as a filtering species.

    This plant is edible. Macro safe only snail CUCs are recommended. - hermits with caution. While it is semi-rigid, you should be careful when handling this macro, as you do not want to break a branch and distort the dome shape it grows into. There is very low risk of pH disturbance with this species.

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