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Money Cowrie*

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Species Availability:   No stock
Resides : Rocks and glass
Consumes : Film Algae, Diatoms, Hair Algae, and some species of Cyanobacteria
Max Size : 1" or 25mm
Origin : Indo Pacific
Availability: Irregular
Warnings : This species has trouble righting itself when initially introduced to the aquarium.

The Money or Ringed Cowrie, (Cypraea annulus), is a small cowrie, topping out at about the size of a nickel, although oval in shape. This species will consume hair and film algae on the substrate, rocks and glass of your aquarium. While most cowries are omnivores, it is accepted in the hobby that the Money Cowrie is an herbivore. 

This active snail will consume diatoms, film algae, hair algae, and some species of cyanobacteria.

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