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Longnose Decorator Crab* (Very Large)

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The Longnose Decorator Crab is a large species that is only suitable for certain tanks. It is excellent at removing macroalgae and hair algae.

The Longnose Decorator Crab, Libinia dubia, loves just about every edible macroalgae, but is especially fond of Caulerpa and Dictyota. Normally shy to humans,they will venture out into the open to eat dictyota, (and almost any other large complex macro algae) from your hand without hesitation. These guys go nuts for it, but have some limitations, and we would like to inform you of them:

Not be confused with our smaller Decorator Crabs, this is a large species that is only suitable for certain tanks. They have a tendency to walk on and be rough with anemones and coral, and may clip their tentacles to wear on their heads. Because of this they are better suited for fish only tanks, refugiums, curiosity tanks or as temporary members in reefs with Dictyota infestations. They will harass smaller fish and may be a threat to them. 

 The crabs themselves are pretty fun to watch. They will wear seagrasses and macro algae on their "nose" extending it out. Often you will notice them changing their algae out for longer and large pieces they come across, as they are always looking for the biggest and longest piece of algae to wear. This behavior will not be as funny though if they decide to wear your condy anemone on their head. Because of this, particular caution in a reef. 

These crabs are about the size of the palm of your hand. 

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