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Lima Shrimp Pair*

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Lima Shrimp (Microprosthema semilaeve) are tiny shrimp that live commensally with Flame Scallops, also known as File Clams. They will eat small pieces of meat based foods, like fish flakes and sinking pellets as well as particles of frozen foods. They grow to about a half inch long, and are best viewed in nano tanks, and kept in aquariums that do not have aggressive fish. Protected from predation, this is a hardy species once in the aquarium unlike File Clams/Flame Scallops which are very difficult to keep in captivity. They do not have to be kept with File Clams/Flame Scallops.

This listing is for a mated pair. 

This species requires Express Mail or UPS Next Day Air and does not qualify for free shipping.

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