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    Laurencia is a cartilaginous bushy red macroalgae, with transparent red tinted branches that have knobby tips. It can grow to 3 inches tall and 6 inches wide. It does not require intense light, and can grow easily under 2-4 watts per gallon. Like most red macroalgaes, the lower the light it is exposed too, the deeper the red. The opposite is also true.

    Laurencia should be attached to survive in your tank. The rhizoidal holdfast on the bottom of the plant, will do well if attached to limestone, aragonite, compacted sand, or even other macroalgaes. It presents a low risk of going sexual in your tank.

    We ship a portion to you that is approximately 2 cubic inches in size, a small portion. From there it can grow at a moderate pace to 3 inches in height and 6 inches in length. We would send larger pieces, but they are rarely found in nature, as the larger pieces tend to fall victim to Tangs and other herbivorous fish. Laurencia is not the easiest algae to keep, and is better attempted by experienced aquarists. High, turbulent flow will help you brave beginner's beat the odds.

Laurencia poitei is pictured in this item description, although we also get other species of Laurencia that are similar, but will have variable coloring on rare occasion.

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