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Star Polyp Frag

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Star Polyps (Briareium sp.are an easy to keep soft coral that grows relatively quickly. It prefers moderate to high light, but can handle a wide range of environments. It prefers moderate to high flow. Because it is a fast grower, it should be given plenty of room in your aquarium to expand into the surrounding area. This species is very easy to frag, to do so cut away the "mat" that connects the individual polyps and then peel back a piece of the mat and cut it away from the rest of the colony. You can also just peel a piece the mat off, and then cut it with scissors. It can be difficult to peel from nooks and crannies in rock, and you may want to keep it on smooth rocks only so it is easy to maintain. They can be attached with a small dab of super glue to a plug or a rock. Some people grow it on their MagFloats, which not only hides the float but turns it into a mobile frag that can spread them across a back wall. After healing in moderate to low flow it will open up again and begin to spread over its new home. Colors may vary from the picture some, this is not a WYSIWYG item.  Shipped loose or on a plug, about 1 square inch. 

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