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Gracilaria (Refugium and Food Grade )

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    The species of Refugium Grade algae we sell is may be red, green, yellow or brown. It is usually the ugliest species of Gracilaria available at the time, suitable only for the refugium or as food, not a display grade product like our red Gracilaria.  It is easily cared for, doing well in low light, (2 watts per gallon on a 10 hour photocycle will work), as well as in brighter lighting, but it should be acclimated slowly to brighter lighting.. The macro can be easily trimmed, and the cuttings can be tied to a rock or shell to start another bush. If placed in a refugium, the cuttings can be used to feed Tangs, Angels and other herbivorous fish who love to munch on this algae. It grows at a moderate pace,and is likely to contain pods.

    We will ship you a piece that is approximately 4 inches wide and 3 inches tall. The macro can grow to a size of 10 inches tall and 20 inches wide, but is easily contained to a smaller size with occasional trimming. 

The Gracilaria you will receive will vary SIGNIFICANTLY, and will likely change colors often in your aquarium depending on light. This product is not offered for decorative purposes, for that choose our Red Gracilaira, or display Green or Brown Gracilaria. (When available)

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