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Freckled/White Spotted Sea Hare

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The  White Spotted Sea Hare or the "Freckled Sea Hare" variation of Aplysia parvula is an interesting creature. They are commonly found at less than a quarter inch, about the size of our dwarf ceriths - but they are able to consume hair algae, many species of turf algae and some desirable macros at the pace of much larger turbos. When they max out at 1 and a half inches they will consume more algae than 2 large turbo snails - so a plan to feed them leafy greens suitable for herbivorous fish once your tank is free of hair algae.

The White Spotted Sea Hare requires special care and is not suited for most tanks. It falls victim to the stings of anemones, it can be sucked into powerheads, and it has a short lifespan of approximately 6 months. Sea hares in general require care similar to that of seahorses, with regular feedings of filamentous algae to do well. The white spotted sea hare is a good tank mate for the dwarf seahorse though, and will fit in well with that miniature environment.


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