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Flying Sea Hare*

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The Flying Sea Hare, can grow to about four inches long and is pretty large at adulthood. Good at hair algae, nuisance algae and even film algae.

The Flying Sea Hare will lose its ability to fly if it consumes to much sand in its quest for algae. The flying sea hare is a talking piece, and will impress anyone who sees its glide about the tank. It "flies" by undulating flaps on its back that take on their appearance of wings. Hard to explain, it is something you have to see:

(Turn the volume down, the pumps in our facility are loud).

 We are proud to offer these guys, and hope you will come to enjoy them as we do.

However,they require special care and are not suited for most tanks. The Flying Sea hare may fall victim to the stings of anemones, sucked into intakes, and it has a relatively short lifespan. Additionally, if tanks aren't properly topped off salinity changes can effect them, (evidence by a fairly sudden shrinking), they disperse ink when attacked or handled poorly. Carbon clears it up in your tank, but it is an irritant to other critters until it is removed. (Not toxic though) Larger sea hares can be fed ulva, gracilaria, codium, dictyota etc...any leafy or filamentous algae will be devoured. They are not macro algae tank safe.

If your goal is to get a interesting sea hare as a pet that will help a bit with the cleaning as well, these guys may be a good choice for you, but please do the homework.

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