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Flamingo Feather Algae

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Flamingo Feather Algae, (Heterosiphona gibbesii), resembles a yellow/brown/pink/red saltwater version of the popular baby's breath flower, it is difficult to keep. It should be attempted only by the more seasoned aquarist, and shipped via Express Mail.The plant does best in areas of higher flow, I keep the pictured specimen 3 inches in front and five inches below a 200gph powerhead, it is 13 inches dead center of a 260W half blue half full spectrum pc fixture.It has moderate nutrient needs. It is edible, and should be kept away from herbivorous fish and turbo snails, emerald crabs, etc...

 We will try to get one that is like 2 inches wide and 3 inches tall. It grows bigger, up to 8 inches tall. It will come in either yellow, brown or red, lighting manipulation is easy to do with this plant.

 The name Flamingo Feather Algae was named by Dentoid of Reef Sanctuary.


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