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Fire Fern

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Fire Fern is a red macroalgae with a flat branches with small flame shaped branchlet around its perimeter. It is calcified and rigid. Initially growing in all shapes and directions, it looks best when trimmed into sort of a triangular shape. It is easily cared for, doing well in low light, (1-2 watts per gallon on a 10 hour photocycle), as well as in brighter lighting. The brighter the light, the darker the macro and vice versa. The macro can be easily trimmed, and the cuttings can be super glued to a rock or shell to start another plant.

It grows at a moderate to slow pace, and is a better candidate for the display aquarium as opposed to a refugium. We will ship you a piece that is approximately 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall or more. The macro can grow to a size of 12 inches tall with a width of 5 inches. It is closely related to our Flame Algae. The main difference being that Flame Algae's flame shaped "leaves" cover the branches, where Fire Fern's flame shaped "leaves" are only on the perimeter of the branch. Additionally, Fire Fern is almost 2 dimensional, whereas Flame Algae grows in 3 dimensions.

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