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Banded Sea Urchin*

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Species Availability:   No stock
Resides : Rocks and glass
Consumes : Hair Algae, Complex Macroalgae and Turf Algae
Max Size : 6" or 150mm spines included
Origin : Pan Pacific speciesIndo Pacific variety
Availability: Irregular
Warnings : Due to their size, they may knock over loose objects. Can scratch acrylic.

Banded Sea Urchins grow to 6 inches in diameter and have relatively long and sharp spines. Their spines are longer than most urchins, with a test (central body) that grows to a maximum of two inches. In the hobby they are classified as Long Spine Urchins, although much smaller than the Long Spine Urchin from the Caribbean. Effective at removing turf algae, hair algae, complex macroalgae and coralline, they are specially suited for eating the nuisance algae species that snails and many other cleaners will not.

The spines can give you a sting if the spine pierces your skin, usually due to rough handling or hard inadvertent bumping. They have a mild toxin in their spines that will make the puncture feel like a bee sting to some. If the spine is not removed with tweezers it can cause an infection. They are good at removing complex algae from large aquariums with stable rock work.  Using its spines as protection, urchins can be used in tanks with predatory fish, that would otherwise eat snails such as puffers.

  They should be given plenty of live rock to graze on, and should be kept in tanks over 30 gallons. They can scratch acrylic aquariums.

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