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9 Pack (3 Green and 3 Blue Rics and 3 St Thomas)

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This item is for one green Ricordea polyp, (Ricordea Florida). It requires moderate light, and will benefit from regular feedings of small foods designed for corals. Pack of 9 Ricordea

Ricordeas are a type of "Corallimorphs" as they are known in the hobby, which are in the Corallimorpharia family.  They can reproduce in captivity, and are fairly easy to keep. When they arrive in the mail they will be retracted and appear small. They will expand in time under the right conditions. After acclimated to the aquarium they should be added when the lights are dim to prevent shock, and fed once they show they are beginning to open up. They can grow to 2.5 inches in diameter and usually split to form another polyp at that time. They can sting nearby coral, so some room should be given to them to prevent them harming other corals, or so they do not get harmed by those corals. Ricordea is able to survive off of photosynthesis alone, but will benefit from feedings of small meaty foods like Brine and Mysis shrimp. 

Ricordea are easy to attach. Gently pat dry with the bottom with a paper towel and then place on top of a dab of super glue gel that is on a rock or plug. The rock or plug should be dried before adding the glue. The bond will work better if it is allowed to sit a minute before being added to the tank. you can drop a little water on top if it appears to be drying out. 


This items requires Express Mail. 

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