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10 Macro Frag Special

Species Availability:   No stock

    This package will consist of 10 random macro algae "frags", which are small portions of our regularly stocked macro algae. What you will get, nobody knows but this is a great way to add some macroalgae and diversity to an otherwise coral based tank. It is also good package if you want to start building a display refugium, which is the hottest new way to get another tank, without looking like you have an addiction to saltwater tanks. (Don't worry we understand).

    After you receive your package refer to our growing guide section to learn more about the care of your macroalgae. If you have trouble identifying a particular frag, look in the macroalgae section of our store for pictures and identifying descriptions.

You will not necessarily get 10 different macros, but it may happen. You will get at least 6 different macros.

This package cannot be sent to California.

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