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Babylon Snail

Species Availability:   33
Resides : Sand
Consumes : Scavengers
Max Size : 1.8" or 47mm
Origin : Indo Pacific
Availability: Irregular
Warnings : This species may consume small snails and sessile invertebrates.

The Babylon Snail is a large scavenger that will stir sand beds down to 2 inches in depth. They have the potential to consume other small snails and sessile invertebrates but are generally considered reef safe. Most people report no issues. Often sold in the hobby as a species of Nassarius, the Babylon Snail is a Babylonia snail, (Babylonia spirata), rather than a species of Nassarius.  Their behavior is similar though, although they are quite larger than members of the Nassarius species. The species is imported from the Indo Pacific where it dwells in sandy bottoms. It is best suited for tanks with messy eaters, or large fish that will leave enough leftovers for this snail. They consume about as much food as 12 Nassarius vibex

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