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Fuzzy Caulerpa

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Caulerpa verticillata, or "Fuzzy Caulerpa" as it is known in the hobby is a very short and thinly branched Caulerpa species. It grows very well under 3 watts per gallon or better lighting. A very fast grower under the right conditions, it will even grow up your back wall. If you find yourself having to prune large portions, swirl it up with your fingers as if you were swirling spaghetti. This will pull the macro from the rock by the holdfast, don't pluck there will be too much holdfast to deal with. Only a good choice for macro tanks. Its delicate nature makes for lush looking aquascapes when it is planted correctly and maintained by an experienced aquarist. It can take over a tank without regular pruning.

This species cannot be sent to California.

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