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Crinoid Squat Lobster*

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Crinoid squat lobsters (Allogalathea spp.) are easy to keep and are similar to porcelain crabs in feeding behavior, but cannot be kept in groups as they will fight each other unless mated.

In the wild the Allogalathea species squat lobsters live commensally among crinoid sea stars.The starfish extends into the water column to filter food from the current, and the crab hitches a ride on one of its arms to snatch food as well. The squat lobsters markings help keep them camouflaged, matching the starfish. 
The sea stars though are not suitable for captivity, so it is advised you keep the crab without the starfish. The squat lobsters will not need the starfish for protection or food access in your aquarium, unless you have fish that would eat live crabs. These are small species that will grow to be about one inch across as an adult. We tend to receive sub adults, they will be very small to tiny in size. These species are suitable for nano reef aquariums. We will try to get them in as often as we can, but expect to be out of stock on this species for most of the time, it is just no commonly available and we have to rely on wholesalers to source them.

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