Store Policies:

Shipping Rates are explained here. Free shipping thresholds are after discounts are applied, and do not include sales tax values where they apply. 

We package our snails and macroalgae in plastic bags. The snails and macro are shipped moist, rather than wet, to increase survivability. Do not be alarmed if there is not much water in certain bags of snails, we ship them that way. Livestock is shipped in plastic bags, padded by recyclable newspaper, to reduce stress to livestock. While we check the weather nationally, if you are aware of inclement weather affecting your area, please let us know.


If your pets do not make the trip, we offer an Alive Arrival Guarantee. To take advantage of the guarantee, notify us within a reasonable time for the item to recover from shipping stress, or to confirm if it didn't make the trip. Snails take some time to come around, especially ceriths that take up 72 hours to come around. After we confirm your loss, you will receive a refund for the purchase price of the claim. In some cases we will ship extras to  makeup for deficiencies. We reserve the right to require documentation such as a photo. 

If you receive a notice because you are not available to receive the shipment for any reason you must pick up the package. Rescheduling delivery will take a long time and losses will occur as a result. You must be pro active in getting the packages. If you plan to abandon the package or are unwilling to get the order or cannot make arrangements to get the package out of inclement weather please do not order live items. 

It isn't that we think you are trying to steal, it is just that most of our customers are new to the hobby and some are new to snail behavior and it is hard to tell from a distance what happened without a picture. We do not cover shipping costs.

In order to qualify for our Alive Arrival Guarantee, you must be home at the time the package is delivered, or discuss with us prior to shipment that you will not be home and the package will be left somewhere.

Please do not let packages sit out for hours on end if they contain live animals, if you do this it will affect their health.


Sometimes packages will be left by the carrier in your around your house, or by a door you do not use. If your package is running late, check these areas including doors you wouldn't use as an entrance for the package, and notify us so we can try to track it down for you. Please make arrangements, anticipate an arrival date, and be pro-active about live shipments. We have had unfortunate incidents where the package was delivered to the garage, or a mailbox and the customer didn't know to check there and animals were lost.

Please do not order livestock if you are leaving town or send them for possible weekend arrival to closed business addresses. In case of delay packages might get abandoned. Please do not do this. If you plan to leave town hold off on ordering until you return. Live animals should not be abandoned due to inconvenience, even in the result of a delay.


- Missing Items -

If an items is missing from your order, or is out of stock at the time of shipment, we will issue a refund for the item(s), plus their pro-rated shipping value. (Item + (Item Price minus discounts divided by the Total Order Price minus discounts multiplied by the Shipping Cost) = refund amount - for you math people.) If you want a policy different then this one, we must know in advance. The cost of shipping is higher then the flat rate we charge, so we do not cover shipping twice. It is too prohibitive, we can though if we charge a higher shipping rate when the order goes out, such as the actual shipping cost. If you want these different terms, please work that out with us in advance of shipment. Once the package is shipped the standard terms apply. 

Late Shipments: We will bear the risk of late shipments and give refunds for any losses that resulted, including pro rated shipping refunds for photographed losses. Any refunds available for the shipping will be credited to us to help offset the cost of losses, and drive the average cost of shipping down. (The actual cost of the shipping label is usually higher than what we charge, but we are able to reduce it because of the refunds we get from late shipping labels). We realize in some cases this will work to our benefit, but rest assured in the long run the last thing we want is for our packages to be delayed. Nothing worse for us than lost packages. If you would like a refund for the amount paid towards the label notify us before the shipment goes out that you will bear the risk of any delay, or prior to the arrival of the package. By arranging our shipping label refund policy in this way you are assured your item or the value you paid for it, and we can cover the risk of delays without building them into our prices.You will never have to file a claim, or deal with USPS if a package is lost or grossly delayed etc... We will simply fix the issue for you, but please alert us to the issue as soon as you expect it is late. Do not worry about "annoying" us or anything like that. It is perfectly normally for you to be concerned with a late livestock shipment, please do not hesitate to contact us if you are worried about your package being lost or delayed. Please email us, it isn't bugging us at all.


- Correct Address - Because we haven't been to your house yet it is your responsibility to list your address correctly, we are not responsible if you send it to your old address, and the like.

-Venue Clause -  While we prefer to settle disputes through communication, any lawsuit arising from the use of this website, our products, advice, or services must be filed with a court within 60 miles of Stuart, Florida. If there is no court with jurisdiction to hear the case within that range, then it must be brought in a court within 150 miles of Stuart Florida. If there is still no venue with jurisdiction to hear the case within the 150 mile radius, the lawsuit may be filed anywhere in the state of Florida. In any event, you agree by using this website,our services, our advice, or our products that jurisdiction is proper for all purposes in the state of Florida, and that jurisdiction would be improper elsewhere.

-Promotional Restrictions -

- Promotions cannot be combined.

- Rock cannot be discounted.

- Penny Items and free items are not covered or replaced because they are basically free. 

 Special Shipping Services

- Special services that are available with our carriers for extra cost, like hold for pickup service, are available to our customers. We only ask that you pay actual shipping in these cases, rather then the flat rate we charge for normal delivery services. We will not charge for boxes or packing materials, just the actual cost of the shipping label.

Give new arrivals time to come out of their shells and move around before deciding they didn't make the trip. Cerith snails, especially the larger ones may go dormant for up to three days.

Some species require Next Day Service, and have certain time constraints. These items have an asterisk * next to their name. Please check the details of each product for additional Alive Arrival info.


Click here for answers to ordering problems, shipping rates and times, and more.

Orders placed today will ship Monday, December 16th. Later dates available by request.

By default, our packages will ship "Deliver to Customer or Door". However, you should always keep an eye out for the package on delivery day - especially if you live in an apartment with a common mailbox or parcel locker where packages are delivered. You should arrange to be home to accept live packages. Packages are often left in mailboxes and around doors you may not frequently use. Please do not let it sit outside for hours or days if there are live animals inside. Abandonment and neglect will lead to losses. Please be pro-active.

 Items marked with a * require Express Mail.