Receiving Shipments

Here you can find some tips on getting your cleaners safely to your home. 

After you place your order, you will receive a human confirmation within 24 hours notifying you on the day the package will ship out. 

You should receive tracking information by 6pm on the day your order ships out. If you do not, please notify us and we can forward that information to you. 

On the days the package is expected to arrive, keep an eye out for the carrier. USPS may request a signature, but may simply leave boxes at the door - so please keep an eye out for the package, and check periodically. Please be pro-active in receiving the shipment. Carriers are especially bad about this on days with bad weather, or rain. If it is snowing outsiden or very hot, you need to be home to accept the delivery if it is perishable. Leaving it to sit outside is not an option unfortunately.

If you ae unable to be home at the time the package should arrive, leave a note in you mailbox for the carrier to leave the package in a secure location out of the elements if possible. Please do not sit them out long, they must be taken in as soon as possible.

After receiving the package, make sure to follow our acclimation procedures, which can be found here. Please do not deviate from the acclimation procedure and stick to the one described, it works well and is simple. Anything else is taking an uneccesary risk, especially drip acclimation which has a strong correlation with problems a week or two later. You may have had great success with drip acclimation in the past, we have as well, but the way we ship our inverts drip acclimation should not be used.

Cerith snails behave oddly. They are often slow off the bat, taking up to 72 hours to move. They spend most of the day laying about the sand, not moving. This is especially so if the sand is dirty, and there is plenty of food for them there, especially richer foods, like cyano. In those cases, you can see the movement usually after 72 hours best by checking out algae coverage, looking for trails, and evidence of eating. 

Quick crews with hermits come with empty hermit shells. They are usually of the same genus as snails we sell with the packs. (Nassarius, Ceriths, Nerites), to give your hermits options similar to the live snails you want to protect. They will come dry, with no air and no paper towel. The empty shells are different species then the snails in the package but can be difficult to distinguish from the live species for the untrained eye. To get the most accurate monitoring of your live snails when first added, you way want to pile the empty hermit shells in a corner of the tank for the first few days so you can distinguish them from the snails you are monitoring.


Thanks again! If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know.

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Orders placed today will ship Monday, December 16th. Later dates available by request.

By default, our packages will ship "Deliver to Customer or Door". However, you should always keep an eye out for the package on delivery day - especially if you live in an apartment with a common mailbox or parcel locker where packages are delivered. You should arrange to be home to accept live packages. Packages are often left in mailboxes and around doors you may not frequently use. Please do not let it sit outside for hours or days if there are live animals inside. Abandonment and neglect will lead to losses. Please be pro-active.

 Items marked with a * require Express Mail.