Orders placed today will ship Wednesday, September 29th. Later dates available by request.

Free Shipping on Cleaner Packages and Orders over $65

Species marked with a * cannot ship for free.

If you are in an area experiencing post office delays, please select UPS at checkout.  We need daytime temperatures below 95 degrees to ship live orders with USPS. Shipments to these areas require UPS. 



 A Group Buy is a purchase between two or more people that will have their orders combined into one shipment in order to save on shipping. One person, the Coordinator, is responsible for accepting the package and distributing items to the other group buy members. We ask that all group buy coordinators have the day free to accept the package, and be willing to work to get it from the carrier if there is a delivery issue. There are often to many orders in a group buy to risk them sitting outside a home, or the delivery otherwise missed. Free Shipping Applies to all group orders over $200. We will contact you if it falls short and we have a shipping charge. The discrepancy between the individual free shipping rate and the higher group buy rate is because group buys cost significantly more to ship than individual orders.No discounts or promotions can be used in combination with a group buy. That includes any and all discounts you may know of, please tell your members the same. 

In order to make life easier for those coordinating group buys, we have developed a system for your orders. Simply let us know some basic info about the people handling the group buy, and then sit back and let the members order for themselves from the site. We will separately package each order, and place the names of the individuals on the bags so all you have to do is hand them out when the members arrive. Please remember though, certain species need to be in the tank by a certain time, and do not fare well in extended trips. Because of this, we ask that each Group Buy Coordinator be home during to receive the package on the first attempt, and impress upon their members that fragile time sensitive species must be picked up and cared for in a timely manner.

Once you decide to try a group buy do the following:

1. Fill out the form here. (opens in new window)

2. Wait for confirmation that everything is in order, then tell your group's members:

-----------------------------------Template Only---------------------------------------------------

To participate in our group buy all you have to do is:

1. Place an order at ReefCleaners.org before (the closing day). Pay for the order separately.

2. Choose the free "Group Buy" shipping option.

3. Leave a note in the comments field before submitting the order to let us know which you group you belong too.

4. The order will be shipped on (???), orders should be placed by 11:59pm on (2 days before shipping is scheduled). 

5. If you order a species that must be in your tank by noon, plan to arrive early so you can get it in your tank by that time. Species will not last longer in packing b/c they were shipped in a group buy. 

The orders will be labeled by name, and pre-sorted by Reef Cleaners so you just have to pick it up. PM me after you order for the location and the pick up information. Please try to arrange a pickup within a reasonable time after arrival, I will post here when the orders arrive, please subscribe to this thread. If you have questions about the pick up please direct them to me, all other questions about livestock and your specific order should be directed to ReefCleaners.org.

-----------------------------------Template Only--------------------------------------------------- 


We will hammer out those details in the form you submit, and return an updated template to you. 

Thank you for your interest in this website. We hope to impress you with our service.

To get the ball rolling on your group buy, fill out the form here., it helps us organize the necessary information.

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