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Collector Crews

Our Collector Crews are for the hobbyist who wants to add more diversity to their tank, and some curiosities. They are not as cost effective as our other cleanup crew packs, but offer a greater mix of species to enjoy. 

The contents of these crews change with availability. Unlike our regular crew packages we sometimes run out of stock on the species in these crews. As a result, the cart process for these crews is different. When you click the Add to Cart link on a package below it will stock each species individually in your cart, and if one is out of stock you will get a notice at the top of the page, in a yellow box. At this time, the link will clear your current cart, and add the clean up crew package. This is to prevent double ordering, we may change this in the future. 


The Popular Picks

These crews features a dozen of our most popular cleaners. Click here or the picture for more information and package sizes.


The East African Collection

These packages include 13 species, all from the seas of East Africa. This selection was created for the aquarist looking to create a biotope from this area, or the Red Sea which contains many of these species due to its close proximity. Click here or the picture for more information and package sizes.



The Pantropical Collection

These crews feature popular species selected from around the world. Designed with the collector in mind, these species represent the Atlantic, Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico, the Eastern Pacific, the Indo Pacific and the Red Sea. These crews are not as cost effective as the other cleaner packages we carry, because of the presence of many imported species. These crews are designed to tackle film algae, detritus, most species of cyanobacteria, hair algae and some complex macroalgae.  Click here or the picture for more information and package sizes.



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