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Tectus Snails

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Tectus Snails (Tectus fenestratus) have a nickel sized diameter and grow about 2 centimeters tall, giving it a very distinctive top like shape. They consume diatoms, film algae, hair algae, and some species of cyanobacteria on the rocks and glass of your aquarium. Tectus snails are in the Trochoidea superfamily, and behave like other members of the superfamily such as Trochus and Astraea snails. In the hobby these snails are known as "top snails" because they are shaped like upside down tops (like the toy kids played with before Playstation). Top snails have trouble righting themselves when introduced to the aquarium, especially if they are wedged upside down and will need your help. Otherwise they are very good cleaners. Tectus snails grow taller than Trochus, but have a smaller diameter. They consume more than the Astraeas we carry, but somewhat less than the Trochus.

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