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Spider Conch*

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The large spider conch is a striking addition to the aquarium. It sports a unique shell that can spiral out to 9 inches, but the bulk of the conch is about 3 inches high and 4 inches long when an adult.

Spider conchs (Lambis spp.) are true conchs, and reef safe. They are only suited for larger tanks, with a large sandbed. Unlike the Florida Fighting Conchs we carry, this species has a slight tendency to crawl on rock work, so loose rocks and frags are something to think about. They spend the vast majority of their time in the sandbed though. Spider Conchs have an amazing shell, that is sure to make people notice. 

They are an excellent cleaner, and substrate stirrer. They will consume hair algae, film algae, detritus, and many cyano species as well. You can feed them sinking soft algae pellets or spirulina when the tank is clean. They are a hardy species, but do best within tanks that are at least a month removed from the end of the cycle. The Spider Conch feeds through a "trunk" like mouth,  and eyes that  are on long stalks that can move independently- making them an interesting creature to watch.

    Our Spider conchs grow large, up to 9 inches (half of which would be the swirls/spines), but are usually shipped at about 3 inches with spines that reach out to 4 inches or so. 

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