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Rock Urchin*

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Species Availability:   35
Resides : Rocks and glass
Consumes : Hair Algae, Complex Macroalgae and Turf Algae
Max Size : 4" or 100mm spines included
Origin : Caribbean
Availability: Weekly
Warnings : Due to their size, they may knock over loose objects. Can scratch acrylic.

Rock Urchins grow to baseball size and have short but sharp spine which can give you a sting if the spine pierces your skin. They have a mild toxin in their spines that will make the puncture feel like a bee sting to some. If the spine is not removed with tweezers it can cause an infection. They are good at removing complex algae from large aquariums with stable rock work.  Using its spines as protection, urchins can be used in tanks with predatory fish, that would otherwise eat snails such as puffers.

They devour algae, including desirable algae and are not marine planted tank safe.  They should be given plenty of live rock to graze on, and should be kept in tanks over 30 gallons. They can scratch acrylic aquariums.

This species requires UPS Next Day Air or Express Mail and does not qualify for free shipping.

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