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Reticulated Brittle Star*

Species Availability:   No stock
Resides : In between crevices in rocks
Consumes : Detritus, Leftover Fish Food
Max Size : 4" or 100mm fully stretched
Origin : Caribbean
Availability: Irregular
Warnings : Drops arms or parts of arms regularly as a defense mechanism.

The Reticulated Brittle Starfish (Ophionereis reticulata) is small starfish, with long arms. Their central disc grows to about the size Lincoln is on the penny, while their arms can reach out 6 inches. This scavenger will feed primarily at night, and hide throughout the day. Even at night they use their arms to reach out from their hiding places to grab food and bring it back to their mouths. If damaged, their arms can regrow, which makes this a pretty safe method of eating in the dangerous ocean. This small species is not a cost effective scavenger, but they are interesting to keep. In nature they form large masses, tangled in various algae and sponges that offer them protection from fish. 

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