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Reef Pods Tisbe

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Reef Pods contain live harpacticoid copepods to seed your refugium and provide a food source to fish. Simply place the entire product into your refugium, (or in the display at night when the fish can't pick them all off), and the pods will reproduce in your tank until the reach a population stabilization point. Fed phytoplankton, they will arrive in green water, and have and excellent HUFA (highly unstaurated fat) profile.

In your tank they will eat decaying food, and decaying algae, along with phytoplankton if you feed it to your tank. The Tisbe sp. of copepod is a tropical species, and will readily breed in the reef aquarium. While these pods are a favorite food of mandarin fish, pipefish and other small mouthed predators, (like the sixline wrasse, etc...), you should NOT plan to feed your fish with just one package of Reef Pods. They should be used to seed the refugium and liverock, and only when their population reaches a high stabilization point should you consider them a reliable source of food. These pods are very small, and are hard to see without a magnifying glass.

The purpose behind this product is to introduce a pure strain of Tisbe copepods to your tank. If you have them already, you will gain little from purchasing this product.

This product must be returned if you are not happy with it, and would like a refund so we can get a credit from the manufacturer. 

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