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Ninja Star Snail

Species Availability:   42
Resides : Rocks and glass
Consumes : Film Algae, Diatoms, Hair Algae, and some species of Cyanobacteria
Max Size : 1.5" or 40mm including spines
Origin : Caribbean and Indo Pacific
Availability: Monthly
Warnings : This species has trouble righting itself.

The Ninja Star snail ranges in size from a about the size of a nickel to just larger than the diameter of a quarter.  They get their name from the calcified spikes extending from their shell that help to ward off predators. These snails will consume film and hair algae on the glass and rocks in your aquarium. They struggle to right themselves if turned upside down, but can right themselves. They should be placed carefully into your aquarium. We carry both Atlantic and Pacific Ocean Ninja Star Snails under this product heading, they are all Astaea spp. We will send a mix when available. 

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