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Nassarius Vibex

Species Availability:   13951
Resides : Substrate, will burrow in sand if available
Consumes : Detritus, Leftover Fish Food
Max Size : 3/5" or 15mm
Origin : Caribbean
Availability: Always
Warnings : None

Excellent scavenger and sand stirrer. These snails will come out whenever they smell food, or when you are feeding the fish. In a bare bottom tank like the ones we keep them in here, they tend to hang out at the base of rock work or near the back of the tank where there is less light, and will emerge from there to scavenge when leftover food is available. These snails do not eat algae; they eat detritus and leftover fish food. By reducing the amount of decaying waste in the aquarium you will help maintain your nitrate levels, and clean some of the debris that is building up in your substrate.

These snails are particularly useful in tanks with messy eaters, such as predatory fish and seahorses. They grow to about a half of an inch tall, and 3/5 of an inch in length. Your feeding regimen and fish load should be the reference point of how many Nassarius snails you add to your tank. Due to seasonal availability during the fall we get the variety of Nassarius vibex from the Gulf, they tend to be smaller and have lighter color than the Atlantic variation.

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