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Florida Fighting Conch*

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Our largest reef safe snail, the word fighting doesn't refer to its temperament, but rather the notch on the front of their shell which resembles a gladiator's helmet.

Our largest reef safe snail, the word "fighting" doesn't refer to its temperament, but rather competitive breeding behavior observed among males who will push rival males away from females. They reach a size of 4-5 inches long, and 3 inches high and can eat a large amount of algae. Because of their size we do not recommend them unless you have a tank 50 gallons or larger. If you do, you can keep 1 for every 30 gallons you have, after the initial 40 gallons. (So if you have a 70 gallon tank you can have 2, if you have a 100 gallon tank you can have 3, etc...). However, you should know they live entirely in the sand, and are scared to venture onto rock. If your substrate is almost entirely covered with rock you should get less than what we have recommended. If you don't have a sand bed, you should refrain from getting this species in your tank.

They are an excellent cleaner, and substrate stirrer. You can also feed them fish flake and or spirulina. They are a hardy species, but do best within tanks that are at least a month removed form the end of the cycle. The Florida Fighting Conch feeds through a "trunk" like mouth,  and eyes that  are on long stalks and are individually movable- making them an interesting creature to watch.

These Florida Fighting Conchs are adults, and are usually shipped around 3 inches or so. 

This species requires UPS Next Day Air or Express Mail and does not qualify for free shipping.

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