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Berghia Nudibranch*

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The Berghia (Berghia stephanieae) nudibranch is a small species that consumes only Aiptasia anemones. They reproduce readily in aquaria, but are prone to being sucked into drains and powerheads. Here we house them in their own special tank to provide them food, without contaminating our cleaners and macroalgae. In this tank we use air stones for current. Without powerheads or mechanical filtration, they do not get sucked into anything, and are generally hardy. They breed often, laying spiral shaped egg strands. They hatch into fully formed nudibranchs, ready to eat Aiptasia anemones. Because their young do not a larval stage, breeding Berghia nudibranchs is relatively straightforward and they are likely to reproduce in your aquarium so long as Aiptasia is present.

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