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Tiger Conch

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Species Availability:   103
Resides : Sand
Consumes : Film Algae, Diatoms, Hair Algae, Detritus, and some species of Cyanobacteria
Max Size : 3" or 80mm
Origin : Indo Pacific and East Africa
Availability: Weekly
Warnings : These species may dislodge loose items in your sandbed

Tiger Conchs also known as Strawberry Conchs are excellent cleaners, and substrate stirrers. You can also feed them fish flake to supplement their diet. They are a hardy species, but do best within tanks that are at least a month removed from the end of the cycle. Conchs feed through a "trunk" like mouth, and have eyes that are on long stalks that can move independently making them an interesting creature to watch. Conchs are more evolved than other snails, and can detect movement and will react when you approach the aquarium or make a sudden movement in their direction. Most marine snails do not. We carry both Strombus luhuanus and Conomurex decorus under this listing. 

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