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Assorted Hermits

Species Availability:   52297
Resides : Rocks and Sand
Consumes : Detritus, Hair Algae, Film Algae, and some species of Cyanobacteria
Max Size : 1"- 1.5" or 25mm - 40mm
Origin : Caribbean
Availability: Always
Warnings : May attack snails and other hermits for their shells.


This mix of assorted reef safe hermit crabs are good at removing hair algae and detritus, and fair at removing some kinds of cyanobacteria and film algae from your tank. They will spend their time on the rocks and on the substrate of your aquarium, with a preference for the rocks. These hermits will eat some of the thinner complex macroalgae species such as Ulva, Scroll Algae, and Caulerpa verticillata. They are reef safe around corals, but they may attack snails for their shells. You can reduce this risk by having extra empty shells for them to move into. These hermit crabs vary in size, but average about an inch in length. All of the species we carry are hardy.

 Hermits included under this listing may include, but are not limited to:

● White Claw hermits, Pagurus longicarpus
● MacLaughlin hermit, Pagurus maclaughlinae 
● Left handed hermit, Calcinus tibicen
● Blue Leg Hermit Crab, Clibanarius tricolor
● Thin leg Hermit Crab, Clibanarius vittatus
● Red leg hermit, Clibanarius diguetti
● Jade hermit, Clibanarius antillensis
● Reticulated Hermit, Iridopagurus reticulatus

And other hermits as they become available. No scarlet hermits or imported hermit crabs other than Red Leg Hermits are included in this mix unfortunately.


We recommend that orders over 50 hermits be shipped via UPS.

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