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Halimeda (Money Plant)

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The "Money Plant" is a calcified member of the popular Halimeda family, and is a green macroalgae. It gets its name from the small coin like "leaves" that  make up the plant. 

This algae is capable of living under low-moderate light, it will grow strongest in moderate to high lighting. All macros present some risk of going sexual and releasing carbon dioxide into you aquarium. However, the risk of adverse ph changes from the release of carbon from this species is fairly low. Because this plant uses calcium to grow, you should keep your tank within 350-450 ppm of calcium for best results.

 We will send you a piece that is at least approximately 3 inch - 3 inches wide and 2-3 inches tall. These macros will regularly grow to 3 inches wide and 4 inches tall, some prize show specimens can grow up to 5 inches tall . The plant should not be cut to propagate. New sprouts will begin to form around the original plant and spread that way.

This item may be one of 3 different species we offer under this description, Halimeda scabra, Halimeda tuna, and Halimeda discoidea. They all have the same care requirements, and the same general appearance. If you order more than one quantity, we will try to mix it up for you so you can see the difference.

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