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Codium (Short)

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This is a shorter species of Codium, (Codium taylorii), that grows into a shrub like bush. The tops of the branches form what look like hammers. Another macro for the display tank.

    Codium tayloriiis a short shrublike species in the popular codium family of seaweeds. Capable of branching out to 3 inches wide and 3 inches tall, it forms "hammer like" tips on the plant body. As a warm water species of codium, it will do well in the tropical reef tank. Its branches have a spongy texture, and may be covered with small translucent hairs which give the macroalgae the appearance that it is glowing. Capable of living under low-moderate light, it will grow strongest in moderate to high lighting. The shade of green it takes will depend on the lighting it receives, turning darker with the more light that it is exposed to.

       We send this codium out as a small shrub, approximately 2 inches in diameter, and 2 inches tall. This codium will grow out to full size relatively quickly.

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