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Caulerpa Prolifera

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2 - 4 $5.00
5+ $4.00

Caulerpa proliferais a prolific green macroalgae that looks great but can sometimes spread quickly and overrun your tank without proper trimming. It looks almost like seagrass when planted in a sand bed, and is a popular sand bed cover in many macro tanks. It will grow well under 2 watts per gallon full spectrum lighting or better.

    The macro grows from a "runner", a common name for the root systems that grows along the substrate. The plants grow up from the runner. You can create multiple plants by removing the runner intact from your tank, clipping it in an area that is between two "blades" and reattaching the new runner to liverock or a different part of the substrate. This macro can be safely superglued, or tied down with fishing line to hold it in place. Fishing line is the better way to go if you can be careful about it. If neither of these methods works for you, it can also be planted directly into the sand/substrate.

      We will ship a portion of Caulerpa prolifera that is roughly 5 inches long. Once established it tends to grow pretty quickly, so you may want to give it some room.

(Currently running slightly small and discounted)

If you are new to Caulerpa please read about it in our Growing Guides Section

   This species of Caulerpa is LEGAL to ship to California. If you decide to remove it from your aquarium one day please dispose of it properly so it remains legal to ship to California. You can kill it for proper disposal by placing it in the microwave on high for 1 minute. Discard in trash.

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