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Cactus Caulerpa

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    Cactus Caulerpa (Caulerpa cupressoides) is a prolific green macroalgae that looks great and grows slower than other members of the Caulerpa family, and is much less likely to overrun your tank. This makes it an ideal piece for the display tank in addition to the sump/refugium. It will grow well under moderate to bright lighting.

    The macro grows from a "runner", a common name for the root like systems that grows along the substrate. The plants grow up from the runner. You can create multiple plants by removing the runner intact from your tank, clipping it in an area that is between two plants and planting the new runner to liverock or a different substrate. 

    We will ship a portion of Cactus Caulerpa that contains at least 3 "cacti". The "cacti" can grow up to 4 inches tall, and 2 inches wide. Approx shipped size is 9 inches long.

This species cannot be sent to California.

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