Other Inverts

Here we carry invertebrates that aren't really cleaners, just pets. Selection in this category changes often.

Arrow crabs are curious creatures that move about with long spindly legs much like a spider. They are efficient at removing bristle worms, and some flatworm species from the aquarium.
The Blue Porcelain crab will consume bits of food that are in your water column, capturing them with their webbed appendages that they wave throughout the day. An attractive reef safe crab often found in groups.
This is a medium sized Giant Marine Hermit, that will grow to be a beast, over 12 inches long, and capable of inhabiting Florida's largest shells. They are currently about fist sized.
The Pitho Crab moves slowly through the aquarium slowly picking at algae growing on the rock. They eat a fair amount of hair algae, caulerpa, dictyota, and even bubble algae at times.
The Pleated Sea Squirt is one of the few tunicates that are easy to keep in captivity. They filter food from the water column using a siphon, and attach naturally to rock work.
A non-photosynthetic gorgonian that will need regular feedings to survive.

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