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Green Porcelain Crab

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Species Availability:   23
Quantity Price:
1 - 2 $5.00
3+ $4.00
Resides : Rocks
Consumes : Fish food, particulate food in the water column.
Max Size : 1" or 25mm
Origin : Caribbean
Availability: Weekly
Warnings : None.

The Green Porcelain Crab, (Petrolisthes armatus), will consume bits of food that are in your water column, capturing them with their webbed appendages. An attractive and reef safe crab often found filter feeding on top of rocks and around sponges. They do just fine scavenging in captivity, but will readily accept small pellet foods. They tend to make a small area their home, and do well in groups. Their carapace grows to about the diameter of a dime, but they are very short.

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