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Giant Marine Hermit (Baby/Juvenile)

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The Giant Marine Hermit, (Petrochirus diogenes) is a long lived hermit crab that will entertain younger hobbyists. It is hardy, long lived, (up to 20 years in captivity) and while it has large claws when it reaches adulthood, it is unlikely to seriously harm you if you get pinched. They should be fed meaty food items. You should get a series of shells for them to later occupy. (Our "Empty Shells" product is too small)

Only for the very largest of reefs with very stable structure, touch tanks, or large fish only with live rock tanks will make suitable homes for these hermits. They also make for good refugium inhabitants, if it is a large refugium. Not because of their cleaning ability, while they will sift sand for food they should be target fed, but because of the enjoyment you will experience while caring for this cool critter.

This is for a baby Giant Marine Hermit. It will ship about 1.5 inches long, and it will take 3 years for it to reach adult size. 

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